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  • Makeup and Beauty Tips to Look Fabulous At Age 50

    Makeup and Beauty Tips to Look Fabulous At Age 50. Turning 50 can be amazing if you know what it takes to keep your gorgeous on. Don’t freak out and throw in the towel once you turn 50! Understand the beauty secrets to keep you looking vital, timeless, and beautiful as we mature.Every day is a preparation for the days that follow. Take care of who you are today for what you will look like tomorrow.Always grow and tweak, and roll with life’s punches to keep yourself looking vital, fresh, and modern. Never get set in your ways (that’s the first way to look old and dated) and understand the little fixes and modifications to look beautiful at any age.And what’s not to love about mature beauty?You have the brains and experience in a package that still looks pretty darn hot. Brigitte Bigeard shares some beauty tips to Look Fabulous at 50 because you still got it going one, and then some.

    Published on April 13, 2010

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