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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

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Celebrity Retouched Photos- The Photoshopping Controversy

A former model and now a professional retoucher, Sharon Daniels has been on both sides of the business when it comes to airbrushing or retouching a photo.She opens up about when Photoshop retouching or airbrushing is excess and when it honestly makes for a better editorial or commercial photograph. — S.H.Photoshopped Into Oblivion: the scandal, the controversy, the ethics…Lately there has been much debate and discussion about retouching’s perceived effects on society. Is retouching the equivalent of steroid use in baseball? Should magazine advertisements display retouching disclaimers?Magazines and advertisers create the ideal through which many women and men view the unspoiled body and flawless facial features.Photoshopped skinny…originalFor women, perfection is a size 0. Considering the average woman in the United States is a size 14, subscribing to society’s beauty standard is generally unattainable. The average person doesn’t have a snowball’s chance on South Beach of looking like the person on the magazine cover. In fact, without the magic of retouching, neither does the model on the magazine cover.

Published on July 28, 2010

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