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  • Big Love Cartier Style As It Expands Its Iconic Jewelry Collection

    Cartier Love Collection 2010: There's no doubt that I have been in love with LOVE for a long while. No, not the kind of emotional love that first comes to mind… this is a style site afterall. What I am referring to is the iconic modernity that comes in the red Cartier box, preferably with an engraved notecard attached.Cartier's Love affair first began in the 1970's with the yellow gold flat bangle designed by Aldo Cipullo. Punctuated with screws, the bracelet requires a simple turn of a screwdriver to undo therefore becoming a lover to lover symbol of commitment– a 70's take on a chasity belt, if you will.More than that, its timeless clean design works so well from day to night, from man to woman, that you may never want to separate from the bond of Love. From 70's icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Ali McGraw to Eva Mendes today, the bracelet stands on its own as a modern symbol of romance and desire.

    Published on November 04, 2010

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