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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

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Regarding Warhol: What Would Andy Say About Fashion Bloggers?

Once upon a time, if I was at a party and Andy Warhol turned up, I knew I was in the right place. Beyond being lucky enough to be old enough (age is good for something) to have grown up with Pop Art and its exposure to appreciate Andy Warhol as the great leveler of…

Published on September 20, 2012

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GStyle Google Fashion Secret Is About To Be Revealed

Think of this as a public service message to online fashion peeps: follow @thetonywangYou heard it here and will more than want to thank me (I hope)!At this point the information for the impeding GStyle launch is rather cryptic but this what I was able to get Tony Wang, the fashion blogger behind postfashionism.com, man behind Youtube special projects, and the program lead of GStyle Google’s fashion venture to reveal.

Published on July 10, 2010

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4 Fashion Bloggers Wear a Denim Shirt 4 Different Ways

What do fashion bloggers really wear? An oversized denim shirt, styled their way! Don’t you wonder what some of the young fashion bloggers wear and how they put together their basics to look so stylish? Well, so does our newest contributor Toni Brown of thefashioncloud, here to bring you some of the blogger fashion tricks of the trade from the stylistas online. –S.H.It starting to look like Spring is going to be all about lace, floral prints and silk for many fashion bloggers. As the sun is not quite here to stay yet let’s talk denim.I don’t think there is a single girl today who does not own a pair of jeans and the same goes for cut-offs and the little denim jacket. However, the denim shirt made its appearance only a few years back but has definitely become one of those statement and timeless pieces you keep along side your jeans in the “I will always find a use for you” department.This spring the oversized denim shirt will be worn time after time, belted and worn as a dress, tucked into a high waist skirt or left unbuttoned and thrown over a T-shirt.

Published on March 25, 2010

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