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Donna Karan- Spring 2011 Lighter, Softer and Very Beautiful

Most hair stylists will tell you that at a certain age we look better with softer edges and a lighter color. Well, Donna Karan is celebrating her 25th Anniversary in fashion this year and she has all but softened and lightened the look for Spring 2011.>> SEE DONNA KARAN FASHION SHOW PHOTOS- COMPLETE SPRING COLLECTIONOnce the almost shock of the all sand color palette passed, it was clear that the hallmarks of an urban wardrobe were still present, but this time the city looks were meant to travel to a more relaxed place and time.The “Raw Romance” collection may indeed be lighter and more dreamy than previous Karan collections but in no way does it lack the customary expert drape and flattering proportion that is unmistakably “Donna,” so much so that a diehard black wearer may actually consider a paler, gentler look for spring. >> MORE: Fashion Shows and Runway Reviews

Published on September 21, 2010

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Edition by Georges Chakra NY Fashion Week- Spring 2011

Runway Review: What to wear when life is your red carpet. Then there is Edition by Georges Chakra.The Spring 2011 collection presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York has a definite European sensibility of sophistication that is both timeless and ageless, and very wearable.

Published on September 20, 2010

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Spring Fashion Week Preview- Edition by Georges Chakra

“Design Sketch #4: LOVE!Inspiration: “”While studying in Toronto I was always captivated by the curvature of the Absolute Tower…I have used the towers coiled arches as inspiration for my spring 2011 collection by creating a series of bands and straps to lay alluringly against a woman’s figure…” — Georges ChakraSome may know of the collection from the Devil Wears Prada. Others may have spotted it on celebrities like Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Marcia Cross, Helen Mirren and Tyra Banks. Then there are those of us who have wished that had the luxury of one of his haute couture pieces that are shown during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.>> DON’T MISS OUR FASHION SHOWS SECTION”

Published on August 27, 2010

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Edition by Georges Chakra NY Fashion Week, Fall – Winter 2010

Georges Chakra Runway Review: Fall 2010 Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Runway Review Excerpt: The Edition by Georges Chakra collection brings to mind a very modern update on Jacques Fath who was known for his curvaceous and architectural cuts in cocktail dresses and ballgowns in the late 1940′s to early 1950′s. There is a pristine elegance in the collection’s delicate beauty that is feminine but highly sophisticated at the same time.

Published on February 13, 2010

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