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  • Tourist Don’ts: Gym Shorts and Fanny Packs Please Go Away

    Here we have it, another example of what not to wear when traveling about a big city…How to look like like a lousy tourist!The fugly fashion continues with this most likely lovely but inappropriately dressed tourists in Venice, Italy.If for some wild and crazy reason you simply just don’t get it, it’s a fashion no-no to gym shorts, fanny packs, and muscle tanks on a guy in a cosmopolitan city.In an effort to continue spreading the word of what you should and, more important, should not pack in your vacation luggage, we have some suggested reading: * Tourist Chic, Vacation dress do’s and don’ts * How NOT to look like a tourist while vacationing in Paris or any major metropolitan city * 5 Things to NEVER Wear at the AirportHappy trails!– July 15, 2009

    Published on July 16, 2009

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