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  • Behind the Scenes On Retouching for a Photo Shoot

    Do you think what you see is what you get when you see a photo in a catalog, magazine or ad? Not always. Expert retoucher Sharon Daniels shares some profrssional retouching tips on what happens behind the scenes on a commercial campaign that uses mostly real people instead of fashion models. — S.H.My partner and I recently retouched the images below for the Lindsay Phillips fall campaign for SwitchFlops. Before we began retouching the images Lindsay's creative director expressed that conceptually they were interested in keeping the images realistic and appearing spontaneous. The models in the shots included Lindsay Phillips herself, some of her friends, and one professional model.My retouching work for most clients typically involves perfecting faces and sculpting bodies. The Lindsay Phillips campaign was pleasingly different and exciting. Most of the images involved "everyday people", not professional models, and also children. I was able to step away from the "standard" advertising retouching practices and kept the retouching to a minimum. My goal for this campaign was to maintain everyone's natural beauty. When it came to retouching the images of the children, it was important not to take away from their delicate features. It was actually fun to let them keep the gaps in their teeth! I did not need to make them look like contestants from Toddlers & Tiaras.

    Published on October 26, 2010

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