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  • Travel: The Ultimate Reykjavik Shopping Guide

    Don’t Give Shopping the Cold Shoulder in Iceland…Fashion insider Jenia Molnar certainly has a background in top designer fashion. But Jenia also has the secret talent of being a global black belt for finding the best shopping of every kind wherever her travels take her, Iceland included. Check the distance on a map, consider a trip, but do read… The Ultimate Reykjavik Shopping Guide, with online Icelandic shopping links too!While shopping might not be the first reason you booked a plane ticket to Iceland – perhaps it’s to traverse lunar-like volcanic landscapes, be mesmerized by endless waterfalls, soak in steamy geothermal pools or merely renew your charter membership in the Bjork fan club – there is plenty getting and spending to be done here. If the price of a good dinner at Fish Market hasn’t eaten up all your kronur, the city center of Reykjavik lets you scratch that shopping itch with fun, elegant and/or quirky clothes and accessories. As an added bonus, the picturesque streets are great for strolling and there is always a coffee bar a few steps ahead to keep energy levels up.

    Published on August 13, 2009

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