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  • Brooklyn Decker gives you something to think about the next time you put on a too skimpy outfit

    When the model with the body of death shows some modesty, should not the scantily clad bimbettes take note?Guess what? Brooklyn Decker does NOT bare all at the Guys Choice Awards.This post is for the babes out there who have a penchant for strutting around with their girls spilling out while wearing skirts so short that they need a bikini wax rather than a leg wax.Not to forget that their bodycon dresses are two sizes too small and they are wearing skyscraper heels that can’t even walk in, let alone balance.Sorry sweets, you look cheap! Maybe even like a reject fresh off a screechy reality show casting call… it’s not chic, it’s not classy.Style is not about displaying too much information.Case in point:Brooklyn Decker is arguably one of the HOTTEST bodies out there, besides being drop dead gorgeous.At the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards, did Ms. Brooklyn walk the red carpet wearing a crazy revealing dress just because of the occasion and who she is?Not in the least!

    Published on June 08, 2010

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