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  • New York Comic Con Costumes, Halloween Just Came Early

    Head’s up, it’s Halloween costume inspiration time!

    Comic-Con afficionados takes their costumes VERY seriously.

    And they say there are some wacky get-ups during Fashion Week, both off and on the runway!

    Sweeties, you have not seen nuttin’ yet until you pay a visit to New York Comic-Con & Anime Festival where Halloween is ringing in 3 weeks early and dressing up as your favorite comic icon is the name of the game.

    This beats the Halloween parade for decked-out fantasy wear.

    There are some rather extroidinary crafted costumes that are worthy of a double-take, a batch of fans who are more into the fantasy character than the reality of wearing something flattering, and the usual comic convention suspects of nerdy guys in black T-shirts who surely are members of the great unwashed.

    All in all, fun was on the menu and it’s the perfect look-see to get some ideas for your Halloween costume:

    >>SHOP Halloween Costumes Online:

    More Comic-Con costumes in our photo gallery:



    Published on October 11, 2010

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