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The Return of the Baseball Cap and How To Wear It

If you were around during the original airings of ‘Seinfeld’ than you just might remember the kind of sartorial red flag seeing a woman around town wearing a baseball hat once conjured up-   being sporty in an almost entirely non-fashion sense.

But one thing we’ve noticed amidst the now waining early 90′s resurgence is the surprising return of the baseball cap. Especially with Miu Miu’s must-have two-tone baseball caps from fall and Acne’s glossy ones for spring and all the editors being snapped up between shows by fashion photogs in full-on looks topped with a surprising, even intriguing topper of choice.

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What makes them look so appealing this time around is not only the way in which they are being worn but also the way they’ve been designed. No longer is the baseball cap an accomplice on bad hair days. Long gone are the days of team spirit as are the tom-boy inclinations often associated with them.

If you do decide to done a baseball cap, we do not want you to look like the bad hair day dude or dudette next door. Please follow our Tips On How to Stylishly Wear A Baseball Caps…

The main trick is how you wear them as they are an approachable way to add a cool finesse to any look as long as your look’s elements steer clear of treading too far into the sportif.

Acne Baseball Cap

The Best Ways to Make a Baseball Cap Work for You:

  • Look for hats in deluxe fabrications with a slightly stylized shape like Miu Miu’s dome-shaped rabbit fur cap
  • Avoid anything even remotely collegiate -i.e no embroideries, no pre-worn edges, no actual sport logo’s
  • Find a cap with a simple look featuring no more than one statement making flourish
  • Do look for hats with a ladylike elegance to top off well put together looks
  • The best trick is to make sure you have on one luxe item if you are on the go, say a fur coat over a denim blouse and cigarette pants or a boxy tweed skirt-suit topped with a an ultra-chic hat -you can’t go wrong…

In fact, we’ve even spotted a girl around town wearing one with a retro dress and extra-large rhinestone earrings -and it worked! That’s because this trend is all about easy attitude. And spring means it’s time to flaunt…

Published on March 06, 2012

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