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Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

  • How to Plan Your Shopping Strategy to Transition Into Fall Fashion and Summer Fun Wrap-Up

    Gossip, dish, tales & tails, and inside style tips…

    On this week’s episode of Focus on Style-Talk Radio, the hosting duo Sharon Haver & Brad Boles first talk about some summer wrap-up chit-chat from Brad’s ritzy time at the beach in The Hamptons, NY to Sharon’s time out in the Wild West of Jackson, WY.

    Brad Boles & Sharon Haver

    Brad Boles & Sharon Haver

    From wildlife to urban chic, the cool weather is starting to come upon us and it’s time to shift your wardrobe over to early fall.

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    Sharon Haver & Brad Boles share shopping tips on how to transition your wardrobe into fall without going broke. What buy, what to keep, what to trash. Fashion & Beauty tips for a very stylish you!

    Listen to this episode of Focus on Style- Talk:

    Post Labor Day wrap-up show notes:

    Ready for his close-up: Sharon's bull moose visitor at her vacation place-- his family followed later!

    Ready for his close-up: Sharon’s bull moose visitor at her vacation place– his family followed later!

    • Sharon tries her hand at rodeo and has a visiting bull moose
    • Brad is itching to learn to fly fish
    • There’s new look coming to FocusOnStyle.com very soon. Rex Sorgatz of KIndaSortamedia is on design.
    • How to edit your closet
    • What to save
    • Don’t keep clothes for a fantasy lifestyle- get realistic!
    • Redo a piece with the help of a good tailor
    • Don’t have to sped a lot to look fabulous
    • Get a basic jacket- camel, grey, black, or a tuxedo style
    • Brad like a trend of the moment handbag
    • Sharon prefers a solid workhorse bag with no hardware for everyday and then have the fun bags on the side
    • Get a little trendy with a great shoe or bag

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    Published on September 09, 2010

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