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Be your own stylist
Do you want to learn my super easy tricks + pro tips to be YOUR own stylist? You can do it... let me show you how! Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor
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What fires me up is helping the everyday woman feel ready for her closeup. SNAP, you can do it!

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Advisor

Make the most of what you’ve got by implementing my streamlined fashion stylist skills to stylishly increase your polished presence + self-confidence.

Sharon Haver, Fashion Expert & Style Mentor

V.I.P. ONE on ONE Stylist Style Mentoring Session- Style with me!

VIP-ONE ON ONE SQUAREWould you be interested in having the kind of style that makes people take notice & LISTEN to you?

Do you want to understand how to turn IT on when you need to and go on with the rest of your life?

Because the rest of your life is sooo busy that worrying about which shoe to wear is really the last straw on a overpacked schedule.

What if I told you that it’s not the shoe.

Not the bag.

Not the color.

It’s the way you put IT all together. When you need to. 

An arsenal of your own authentic style that’s ready to go when you need it.

That fits into your life, not some fantasy of what a character on a TV show wears (that’s called a costume) or a model in a high fashion magazine.

I am talking about your life!

You need to hire a stylist for that, you wonder.


Daydreaming about hiring your own “personal” stylist to dress your every whim is a luxury that most can’t afford or even have the time to be bothered with.

(Yes, I said bother. Who needs more people in their life telling you what to do?)

Because YOU can do it yourself.

YOU can have IT at your disposal. YOU can be your own stylist. You can understand what “speaks’ to you, and only you and learn how to adapt your eye to see what a style pro would see when they look at you.

You could master that.

sharon-horizontal1on1Do you want to know what I’m about?

It’s sharing my real, professional fashion stylist to style mentor experience with actionable tips, tricks, and trends, all here, all FREE, on FocusOnStyle.com. Search the site, check out the curated fashion +style guides, jump on my newsletter and grab my gift of “Passport to French Chic, just for joining me.

What you won’t find here are lot’s of pictures of me posing in cute outfits. Becuase I am not a personal style blogger nor a model. (I actually find that kind of attention weird. I know my limitations. But, I also know when I have to get over it and SHINE.)

As I stylist & style mentor, I’m about YOU, not me.   I want YOU to envision YOU in something, not someone else.

Do you get me on this?

I honestly believe that we all started dressing ourselves since we were about six years old. So, we may as well learn to do it right!

Style is a lot like cooking.

Start with the best ingredients you can find and the result is delicious. And easy.

Start with so-so ingredients and it takes a chef’s touch to mix and season until you get somethings that’s just decent.

That’s why I started FocusOnStyle.com back in 1999, and my Focus on Style fashion advice column that went out to 400 weekly newspapers a few years before that. To share my behind the scenes stylist tricks to make every woman take charge of her own style, not just a model in front of the lens. To cook up her own take on making the most of what she’s got.

But some people want more of me than all the free fashion & style content I offer up here , 24/7, on FocusOnStyle.

Here it is — your opportunity to play style one-on-one with me!

Wahoo. You + Me = Gorgeous!

I’ve been getting A LOT of requests lately to help people improve their style with one-on-one stylist sessions.

Mostly, from entrepreneurs starting a new phase in their career and not sure if they are hitting their best image mark.

And, from women who feel as young and vital (and even better) than when they were 20 but not sure how to dress ageless and modern now that they are 40, 50, 60 or more.  You know who you are. Not quite (ever) ready for pull-on pants and too mature for baby dolls.

With a camera lens suddenly a necessary sidekick in our online lives, business people are shell shock with how they look in their social media photos and online videos.

Yes, from your Facebook avatar to your headshot to youtube video, every look is like your magazine cover shot so make it count.

I can help.


It really pains me to see people not creating their best self and presenting that to the world to savor, particularly entrepreneurs who ARE their business. Great style isn’t about having the latest “It” bag or fashion trend of the nano-second.  It is certainly NOT about looking like your high school yearbook photo- 15, 20, 25 years later (how many of you have not changed your hairstyle since?).

Style is about looking right, feeling confident, and creating the visual impression of someone who can knock it out of the park.  I’ve done that for models, actors, everyday people, big brands, magazines, and on television. 

I can do that for you.

There are  insider stylist tactics and tips that can transform someone (even celebrities) from looking meek, dated (also known as old), to sensational
. Don’t believe me? Look at the TV transformation of Susan Boyle. Pretty darn amazing, eh? Well, not really. She went from furry frump to looking as fabulous as her voice once she had her glam team get their hands on her… it’s all part of the business. It should be part of your business.

Back in 1998, I created FocusOnStyle.com as a place to share my insider tips and tactics that I’ve gleaned from my vast career as a fashion stylist for magazines (VOGUE Mexico covers to wearable fashion in Ladies Home Journal to celebrity style in Us Magazine) advertisements, TV  and catalogs for 15 years styling the likes of Rebecca Romijn, Kelly Ripa, Famke Jansen, Elle MacPherson, Wilt Chamberlin, Kyra Sedgwick, among many others…  I probably saw more people naked or in their undies than the biggest patron at a strip club, but I got to DRESS THEM gorgeous!

Nothing phases me.


Along with my many years as a fashion stylist, I served as a nationally syndicated fashion advice columnist that went out to 400 daily newspapers, along with career highlights of starring in my own Macy’s TV commercial as the style guru,  featured in a book along with other authors like Gloria Steinan and President Jimmy Carter, and  sharing my fashion expert tips in many media interviews… I have a very well-rounded style background. This is the spot to peruse my style accomplishments.

Sharon Haver + FocusOnStyle as seen in the media...

Besides my professional credentials, I truly believe that anyone can look gorgeous and make the most of what they’ve got with the RIGHT insider tips and tactics
– that’s the premise that I built FocusOnStyle on and that’s my credo for mastering can-do chic. Frankly, Danny DeVito in a dress could look gorgeous with the right glam team pulling for him.

But, in real life, who has their own glam team at their beck and call?

And, why should you if you have the know-how to get yourself together, gorgeous, and out the door?

Feh to personal stylists. Hello to self-empowerment.

Here’s the thing, people have been asking MORE of me than what I share on FocusOnStyle. More up close and personal.


>>> So, BIG SCOOP here, I’ve decided to open up some spots on my calendar for ONE-ON-ONE PRIVATE STYLE MENTORING.

book a session


NOW, is the time to make the most of what you’ve got. The details are below, including how to BOOK ME and reserve your spot.  If you want a no-nonsense, tell it like it is assessment of your style and how you can rock the hell out of it, I would LOVE to work with you to help YOU make the most of what you’ve got. I’ve got 20+ years of  professional glam industry expertise… I want your name on my list.

Give me an hour, I’ll give you the style strategy to gorgeous!






how your one-on-one private style mentoring stylist session  plays


Stylist, Style Mentor, Fashion Expert with over two decades of experience. I’ve seen it all.


Gorgeous but not quite getting it right. Lover of fabulouso personal style not rinky-dink fashion fads.


You’ll get a one on one stylist session to amp your look, guide your social media & video image, and clear the crap out of your closet so you can SOAR… stylishly, of course!


Usually by phone, sometimes by Skype. Based on your questions, I’ll decide on the best way for us to connect.


  • – Understand that what you wear, particularly in business, creates an instant impact on how you are perceived.
  • – Want your image to be at one with your personal brand.
  • – Believe that style should be authentic and organic to your unique self.
  • – Value the power of a flattering fit and modern aesthetic. Takes notes for hair & makeup too.
  • – Realize that YOU can control your look with the right stylist direction.

Honestly, my time is limited and I only want to work with people who I can serve to help them amp up their style, therefore…


  • – Want someone to matchy-match an outfit for you.
  • – Hold your hand while shopping the mall.
  • – Think you know everything about style because you watched Sex and the City.
  • – Haven’t changed your hairstyle or your look in the last 15 years and are ok with that.
  • – Don’t like to think for yourself.
  • – Could care less about the impression that you make on others.
  • – Are afraid of change and stuck in style  rut.
  • – Have soft skin and can’t deal with a tell-it-like-it-is New Yorker- sugarcoating is not my thing.
  • – If you self-righteous, entitled, high-maintenance, or a general pain in the arse.


If you want to take advantage of my two decades in style business (stylists get paid BIG bucks for commercial work) and game to glean the knowledge to take control of YOUR look by transforming your appearance into something so sensational that people take notice and listen…




Upload seven (7) days of your style to a “secret” Pinterest board – it’s private &  free ( a public Pinterest board is fine too, this is just so you can keep the info between you + me)

– Nothing staged or posey. Just a good look at what you wear doing whatever best represents your usual day.

– You can add close-ups & detail shots of your outfit and beauty.

– Add your social media avatar and a still from your video too. Enough shots so I can see what you are about and how your clothes fit.

–Add some background shots of your favorite room & we can talk about that too- where your spend your time should look like you (in a good way).

–Name or number each photo on your board so we can easily reference it.


Create an Inspiration Board of how you would like to look. BE REALISTIC.  For example, do NOT upload red carpet shots if you are trying to master entrepreneur style or mommy chic. It’s always a good idea to find shots that are close to your physical type if possible.

***Name or number each photo on your board so we can easily reference it.


Include a full-length photo of you in a leotard so I can analyze your figure type would be fantastic.If you’re shy, I understand. But it’s to your best benefit that I can ascertain your shape without it being camouflaged in clothing.

Nothing less than a leotard please, I get TMI phobic. ;)

If you want, you can also create a board of Iconic Style Moments for you… something visual that lets me get inside your gorgeous head. Here’s why.


Answer my handy-dandy Style Sheet (You’ll get a link to the Style Sheet, along with my calendar after payment). Give the questions some thought. Be realistic. Think hard. It’s YOU we are talking about.


72 hours before we talk (that’s at least a full 3 days & 3 nights for me to prep), in ONE, nice tight email, email me the links to both your boards (#1 & #2), along with a copy of your Style Sheet answers. I will review what you provided and have time to curate a plan of action for our VI.P. Style Mentoring call together.

You spend ONE HOUR on the phone (or Skype) with me getting down to brass tacks.

Give me an hour, I’ll give you the style strategy to gorgeous… the SAME STYLE STRATEGIES that I’ve used on magazine photos shoots with models and celebrities, catalogues & ads for big brands, personal clients, the readers of the 400 newspapers of my fashion advice column, countess media interviews and appearances, and the millions and millions of FocusOnStyle.com visitors.


Baring any technical glitches, as a Bonus, I will provide a link to our call or Skype for your personal use so you don’t have to be distracted taking notes.

The web has made everyone a “cover girl” so let me share the same insider advice to help you realize your success and self-confidence by mastering your look and personal style with my decades of industry experience.

Honestly, I haven’t offered up an offer like this before and I’m not sure how long I will be able to do this. Reach out while you can.


book a session